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‘Puerto Rico's Day at the Ballpark’ Continues Series in 2024

— PRCDA sponsors Puerto Rico’s Day at NY Yankee Stadium on April 25th Honoring Puerto Rican player Marcus Stroman —

PUERTO RICO — April 18, 2024 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — PRCDA (Puerto Rico Convention District Authority) has officially signed on as the presenting sponsor of the Puerto Rico day at the Ballpark to be celebrated at Yankee Stadium on April 25th when Yankee starting pitcher Marcus Stroman will be honored before the game. In addition to this lead off event for 2024, there are plans to activate events in Tampa on 8/16 and Minnesota on 9/15. 

This program pays tribute to Puerto Rico's rich 125-year baseball history dating back to 1898, and also as a source of many notable ballplayers over the years. In the Fall of 2022, the organizers partnered with the PRCDA to honor one of those memorable players, Roberto Clemente.

The teams that participated in Puerto Rico Day at the Ballpark during the 2023 season included the Texas Rangers, New York Mets, Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, Pirates and the Atlanta Braves. The players honored included Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, Edwin Diaz, Joey Cora, Francisco Lindor, Alex Cora, Javier “Javy” Baez, Juan Nieves, Alex Lange, Riley Greene, Joe Jiménez, Eddie Rosario, Joshua Palacio and Carlos Correa.

Marcus Stroman is Puerto Rican from his mom Adlin Auffant side of the family. Since Stroman’s first pitch for the Blue Jays in 2019, he has been a top level starting pitcher. He has played for the Blue Jays, Mets, Cubs and now with the NY Yankees. 

As part of the series, the organizers commissioned custom-designed artwork commemorating each of the Puerto Rican ballplayers, while drawing from their Puerto Rican heritage. 

"Puerto Rico loves baseball for many reasons, we are proud that so many excellent players call us home. This sport is part of our tradition, of who we are, of our history. It is impossible to speak about our Island without mentioning Ivan Rodriguez, Bernie Willian, Jorge Posada and Ed Figueroa and so many others," said Mariela Vallines, Executive Director of the PRCDA.

“It's a great honor to elevate the positive image of Puerto Rican baseball since the late 1800s until today by sharing historical baseball data and recognizing the Puerto Rican baseball stars on MLB teams in 2024. stated Ralph Paniagua, Publisher of LatinoBaseball.com.

Puerto Rico Convention District Authority (PRCDA) is a public corporation created under Law Number 351 of September 2nd of 2000, as amended. Its mission is to develop and operate the Convention District, positioning Puerto Rico as a world-class business, tourism, and entertainment destination. PRCDA's objectives include efficiently managing prominent venues, revitalizing urban areas, promoting job creation and business opportunities, and acting as a facilitator in partnership with the private sector.

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