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School Choice Options are Changing for Hispanic Parents

— by Krissia Campos Spivey —

NEW YORK, NY — January 13, 2023 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — 59% of Hispanic and Latino parents considered finding a new or different school for at least one of the children in their household within the past twelve months, this shows how more than half of Hispanics are looking for options to improve the academic outcome of their child.

While school choice has seen changes in some states of the country, the biggest changes have been seen in West Virginia and Arizona, where the Government approved programs to allow the community to have access to more options than the traditional public school where the families are assigned. Hispanic families also can access all these benefits and options.

Why is it important for Hispanic families to know all their options? According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), the decline in math nationally — 8 points in eighth grade and 5 points in fourth — was the largest drop in the last three decades. The most affected by these declines are the black and Latino communities.

Now that there are more options for Latinos, it is invaluable to be aware of the information available and the resources that families can access. If you think that your kid is not a good fit for their current school, as a parent you have options. There’s evidence that when we make it easier for parents to choose, they make good choices for their child’s education. We’ve seen the positive impact that school options have had in places like Miami, Philadelphia and Phoenix.

One way to help the community is by offering the information they need and supporting the Hispanic community must be a national priority. Spanish speaker families can access information in Spanish in Conoce tus Opciones Escolares. Also, this year, National School Choice Week, one of the biggest educational events in the country, will offer tailored assistance for Latino families. This event will take place from January 22 through January 28, 2023.

Latino students will make up nearly 30% of all public school enrollment by the end of the decade, and this is the moment to act and offer the Hispanic community the best opportunity to succeed in bringing equality.

Having various options ensures that kids don’t get stuck with the fact of not being happy at their current school. It’s not crazy to say that school choices can be the difference between a child being bullied in their classroom and being loved, respected, and appreciated. With school choice, we can reduce the rates of school drop and raise success possibilities. It’s vital for families to be aware of their possibilities.

Krissia Campos Spivey is the director of Conoce tus Opciones Escolares, a project of the National School Choice Awareness Foundation, which helps U.S. families who speak Spanish explore their K-12 education options and choose a great school for their children. Krissia is Salvadoran-American and lives with her family in Wake Forest, North Carolina.