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Hi! I am Danay



Community Builder


On a Mission

About me

I am on a mission is to elevate the Latino Community

Thanks to my AMAZING brand partnerships, I am able to deliver on that promise with the LatinaMeetup and AMIGOS communities. I work with brands who want to reach Latinos in a way that benefits both the brand and the diverse gente they want to access by creating programs and opportunities for them to truly be involved. Think grants, experiential events, incubators, and scholarships!

The latest cuentos...

My latest adventures in the world of a Latina entrepreneur on a mission to be el cambio.


Preparing for Re-Launch With FedEx Office®

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FedEx Office®. Yep, it’s an unprecedented time. Mine, like many other businesses, has been affected by the pandemic. Specifically,…

Personal Responsibility is Sexy

Everyone talks about self love and finding one's true calling. We talk a lot about external factors that affect our careers. We talk about diversity issues and glass ceilings. Don't…

Pivoting Live Events to Virtual

It was inevitable. Zoom meetings for LatinaMeetup. I wasn't a fan since I've been spending countless hours on Zoom meetings that could easily have been handled by a simple email.…