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Latino Buying Power in 2024 - Presentation by Danay

Speaking About Latino Buying Power in 2024

**Latino Buying Power: Unveiling a $3.2 Trillion Economic Force**

Discover the true economic impact of the Latino community. In my latest blog post, I share insights from my presentation at the Georgia Latino Caucus, highlighting the $3.2 trillion buying power of Latinos. Learn how this data challenges negative stereotypes and showcases the contributions of the Latino community to the American economy. Explore key organizations like L’ATTITUDE, Hispanic Star, and the Latino Donor Collaborative that are driving awareness and empowerment. Join me in celebrating and understanding the true potential of Latino economic influence.

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5 Groups Every Latina Entrepreneur Should Join in 2024

5 Groups Every Latina Entrepreneur Should Join in 2024

Latinas are continuing to dominate the entrepreneurial space coming into 2024.Latina owned businesses represent 31% of all net new women-owned businesses, which is nearly double their share of the female population (17%). Check out these 5 groups every Latina entrepreneur should join.

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Jackie Nava La ‘Princesa Azteca’ to Keynote at Celebrando Latinas 2024

— Boxing champion and inspirational leader to deliver insights on female leadership and personal empowerment in collaboration with Fanny Miller —

Georgia Injury Advocates Releases Free Report: “Don’t Lose Your Right to a Valid Georgia Personal Injury Claim! Do These 7 Things After an Accident”

Key Highlights by Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer Ramiro Rodriguez, Jr.

Scholas USA Launches First-Ever Awareness Campaign

— Commercial spots highlighting Pelota de Trapo educational program to air during Copa America 2024 —

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