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Being an Award Winning Latina with Passionistas Project

My reward for the work I do in elevating the Latino community is beyond fulfilling. I get almost daily messages, calls, texts and other communications telling me how much this work means to the people it impacts.

Had I known just how rewarding it would be, I would have done this a very long time ago.

When I was informed by two wonderful friends that I was receiving a 2022 Passionista Persist Vanguard Award for work that I love, I was both humbled and delighted.

The Passionistas Project is a wonderful organization that is the brainchild of sisters Amy & Nancy Harrington. Their mission is to inspire women of all ages to pursue their dreams, overcome obstacles and take charge of their own destinies through a podcast, subscription box, monthly events and an annual Women’s Equality Summit.

Here is the recording of my interview with my amigas, Dali Rivera and Julie Delucca Collins who presented me the award.

There are two things I can never shut up about.

  1. Geeky and Techy things I like.
  2. My passion for the elevating and educating the Latino community about our true power.

Here, I get to go on about the second one.

Have a listen and drop me a comment!

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