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The 2023 Latino Holiday Gift Guide is LIVE!

Running a multicultiural agency, I work with a lot of large brands, which I absolutely love and enjoy.

That aside, I also have a really soft spot for Latino small bsuinesses who have reached out to me through the years for advice and help with their brands. After years of lovingly giving away free advice and resources, I decided it was time to create a space where I post it all as a resource for those interested in building their businesses online.

That is why AmigosMax.com exists, as a free resource and community for Latino small businesses who don’t usually have the budget to hire an agency to create campaigns for them.

Once of the free resources we offer is a Holiday Gift Guide where we feature and promote businesses to support for the holidays. It’s an absolute win-win.

We curate a large list (45 gifts per guide) of affordable and unique gifts so that buyers get some great ideas for culturally celebratory gifts while supporting these small businesses.

I am thrilled to report that this year’s Amigos Holiday Gift Guide featuring 45 unique gift ideas from Latino-owned businesses that you can shop from and support this Christmas season delivers on that promise.

Supporting Latino small businesses is important to me because they are the backbone of our community. They create jobs, drive innovation, and contribute to the economy. By supporting these businesses, we are not only helping them grow, but we are also preserving our culture and heritage.

AmigosMax.com is committed to supporting Latino small businesses. We offer a variety of free tools and resources to help Latino professionals connect, network, and grow their businesses. Our business directory, networking events, grants, and other resources are designed to help Latino entrepreneurs succeed.

I encourage you to check out the gift guide and support these amazing Latino-owned small businesses. From jewelry and beauty products to food and art, there is something for everyone on your list.

Let’s make this holiday season special by supporting our community and shopping Latino!

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  1. I got a few things from the guide and can’t wait to see my family’s reactions! Thank you for putting this together.

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The 2023 Latino Holiday Gift Guide is LIVE!

Running a multicultiural agency, I work with a lot of large brands, which I absolutely love and enjoy. That aside, I also have a really soft spot for Latino small…

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