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The Social Media Cha Cha – Dancing With Features

Un. Dos. Cha Cha Cha

Ahhh, the rhythm of my childhood.

So many great songs are based on the Cha Cha Cha rhythm.

In fact, you would be surprised to learn how many country, pop and rock songs are based on the Cha Cha.

Here’a quick list, cause I had to…

“Louie Louie” – Richard Berry (Made popular by The Kingsmen)
“Smooth” – Santana, featuring Rob Thomas
“Oye Como Va” – Giants of Latin Vol. 2
“They’re Playin’ Our Song” by Neil McCoy
“Sometimes She Forgets” by Travis Tritt
“Dust on the Bottle” by David Lee Murphy
“If You’re Not in It for Love” by Shania Twain
“My Maria” by Brooks and Dunn

What’s in a dance?

Why am I writing about a dance?

I’ll tell you why.

First, I love music.

But also, I want to talk about a dance that affects anyone who deals with social media marketing.

That’s pretty much, everyone in digital marketing.

It’s a dance that was created by platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and we all just follow along.

We are all, whether we know it or not, actively participating in a dance party where social media platforms have perfected the art of the “Social Media Cha Cha”!

What’s that, you ask?

It’s a dance where platforms woo users with fancy new features, only to surprise them with a fee when they’re in too deep! ?

Allow me to teach you the steps. ?

Grab your dancing shoes and get ready to navigate this crazy, captivating world of the Social Media Cha Cha!

Intro: The Tempting Tease

Picture this:

You log into your favorite social media platform, and suddenly, it’s all sparkles and confetti! ?

“Hey, we’ve got something new for you!” they whisper seductively.

Your curiosity piqued, you decide to take a few steps forward and indulge in their tantalizing new features.

Filters, stickers, and interactive polls entice you to let loose and join the fun of this NEW SONG!

Verse 1: One. Two. Cha. Cha. Cha.

The platform woos you with all its might, the catchy beats urging you to dance along.

Like a charismatic dance partner, it keeps introducing new perks, always keeping you on your toes.

You can’t help yourself!

Your feet move by themselves as you work feverishly to get everyone to engage with your new use of the latest feature.

One. Two. Cha Cha Cha!

Chorus: Courting the Crowd

You’re fully immersed in the rhythm of this social media dance.

It seems like everyone’s joining in, sharing the joy, and building connections.

But here comes the twist.

Once the dance floor is packed with users and the party reaches a crescendo, the platform taps its feet to a different tune.

Bridge: Cha-Ching, the Fee Sting!

Just when you’re in the zone, enjoying the fruits of your labor, they hit you with an unexpected twist!

“That’ll be a fee for using those cool features!” they announce, leaving you spinning in disbelief.

Maybe, even missing a beat.

It’s like a slap on the wrist with a bill in hand!

You went from a freestyle dance to a dance with a price tag.

Chorus: The Addictive Song, We Dance On!

As the music swells, we find ourselves locked in a mesmerizing trance, allured by the enchanting beat.

The dance floor is packed with passionate dancers, each moving to the rhythm, completely engrossed in the euphoria of the “Social Media Cha Cha.”

We’ve become so reliant on its captivating rhythm that we can’t resist its pull.

And so we continue dancing, now paying the fee to be permitted onto the floor so that our friends and colleagues can see our snazzy moves.

Verse 2: The Users’ Uproar

The new is out.

The crowd gasps collectively, and the dancefloor becomes a chaotic scene.

Users start questioning the platform’s moves.

They express their dissatisfaction with memes, witty tweets, and colorful threads.

“We were lured in by the cha-cha, and now you want us to pay for the beat?” they exclaim in unison.

Chorus: A Smaller Group Dances On

There are fewer of us dancers on the floor.

We are the ones who rely on our moves being seen by others.

So we continue dancing, and paying the fee.

Others bid adieu and move onto other platforms where they can share their dance-moves for free; for now.

Outro: Dancing into the Unknown

In the end, the “Social Media Cha Cha” keeps us on our toes, never knowing when the music might change.

Whether we continue to dance or switch to a different tune, one thing is certain: the social media world will always be full of surprises and new songs to explore.

So, fellow dancers, embrace the cha-cha spirit, but remember to memorize your steps.

Stay alert for those sudden twists and turns as you groove through the ever-evolving world of social media!

This way, you’ll master the Social Media Cha Cha every time a new feature or song comes along promising the world.

Until next time, happy dancing! ??

Let’s Cha Cha Together


You didn’t think I would miss an opportunity for us to do this dance together right?

Let’s connect on everythingggg.

15 Responses

  1. You have said it beautifully, “Social Media Cha Cha” keeps us on our toes, never knowing when the music might change. Whether we continue to dance or switch to a different tune, one thing is certain: the social media world will always be full of surprises and new songs to explore.”

    I am ready to dance to it’s tunes!

  2. Oh this perfectly sums up what’s going on with social media at the moment. EVERYTHING is changing constantly and it’s like trying to keep up with an unruly toddler at times! I’m getting very sick of it all!

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with social media. So many conversations! so much drama. Yet a lot of my friends live across the country and it’s the way to stay in contact.

  4. You are such a creative writer! I love it! What you shared is so true. We are really unsure of what will happen next in the world of social media and this is the reason why I opt to still maintain an email list just in case things go south or stops being free.

    1. Thank you so much Clarice! I have been toying around with this metaphor for years and just never put it to paper (virtual that is). I finally sat down with a good cup of cafecito and let it rip. So glad you enjoyed it.

  5. This is such an interesting metaphor for the social media game. As someone who has become really disillusioned but pushes on anyway, it feels like when you’ve played a song so many times you don’t enjoy listening to it anymore.

  6. Dancing along to this Social Media Cha Cha is such a great hobby for me. This was one of the best metaphors I have read in a long long time. Well done!

  7. And here we are a lot of Cha cha of social media in the last past and especially the last couple of months, and I always wonder why things can never stay the same, it’s truly a dance after all ~

  8. What an amusing twist to a complex topic! The toughest part of social media Cha Cha is that we don’t know when things might change and how would that affect us.

    1. You are absolutely correct on that. I do think however, that since they follow this same pattern, it will generally happen once the feature reaches critical mass. Facebook pages is my ultimate favorite example of this. I remember how we all focused on getting page followers and even paid for them and then they became worthless, as the reach was infinitesimal at best.

  9. Having a love/hate with social media too but this is the mostly channel that we use to have a contact to our loved ones.

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