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Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia 2016

The good thing about visiting a theme park several times is that you don’t have to rush through everything. And I will admit it, I am a Park Nazi. I am THAT person who needs to schedule our park visit from the crack of dawn until they kick us out. I will drag my family across miles and miles of attractions and shows to make sure that we get to see everything the park has to offer.

I need to see every. single. thing.

Since we visit Williamsburg, Virginia quite often (read several times per year), we really get to enjoy the area and everything it has to offer. This includes Christmas Town at Busch Gardens. The holidays are a magical time when the entire park is transformed with over eight million Christmas lights, making it the largest light display in North America.

We love Christmas Town so much that we keep coming back whenever we are in Virginia during the holidays! And we bring family with us whenever they are in town.

The fam enjoying Christmas Town. #makingmemories #happyholidays #family #familia

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Aside from being a Park Nazi, I am also a show fanatic. If there is a show, I must watch it. Granted, some theme parks really don’t put a lot of effort into their shows. However, Busch Gardens parks really do not disappoint. They consistently have great shows. I have been to the parks in Virginia and Florida several times across decades and have not yet attended a show I didn’t like.

There were a lot of shows to see, such as Gloria, Deck the Halls, Miracles, O’Tannembaum, T’was That Night and Scrooge No More. My favorite hands down was Scrooge No More. It’s a fun packed 30-minute musical based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

My husband and son go bananas over the chocolate. They have so many different varieties of fudge that you can’t help but to buy something because there WILL be a flavor you like. Not to mention the hot chocolate mugs on every corner. Who doesn’t love hot chocolate on a cold winter night while strolling along looking at Christmas decorations? The great thing about going to a theme park is that even though you may indulge in some of the yummy concoctions, you are also clocking in an average of 5 to 10 miles walking. At least that’s what I like to tell myself.

Mr Teenybopper is my roller coaster buddy. He and I seem to be the only ones in this outfit who love thrill rides, so we like to hit the coasters Tempesto and Verbolten over and over until one of us begs for mercy.

My mom enjoys all of the little themed shops. A favorite was this great little shop with fairies and dragons and all kinds of cool trinkets.

Fairies in Christmas Town

And, of course, being a baseball family, the teenybopper got to get some throwing practice in. Check out the video and guess whether or not he won the prize!

He sure did, and he made this Mami super proud when he gave it away to the youngest family member present. I know, I know, just give me a little moment to gloat.

Christmas Town usually runs from the Thanksgiving holiday through the new year and the park is open from 2 PM until 10 PM. That’s a good 8 hours for my fellow Park Nazis. Tickets will run you about $38 per person at the gate. For the savings minded, there are a slew of great deals including savings of over 50% by booking your tickets online in advance. Since they introduced these advance tickets at $16 per person, the crowds have evened out considerably. The first time we visited in December 2014, my only complaint was the throngs of people and having to navigate through those crowds. This year was so much easier to walk around and enjoy the park due to the crowds being more evened out throughout the entire season the park was open.

Check here for full booking details.

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  1. I live in this area and there are so many beautiful places to visit. Especially during Christmas. We buy season passes to Busch Gardens every year. Next time you are in the area during the holidays, check out the Newport News park and recreation center. They have a Christmas lights tour through the park that is amazing! Tickets for a car load is $10

  2. How wonderful to have a park so nearby to you that you can visit so frequently! I am sure I would be the same if there were any within a few hundred miles of us. 🙂

  3. It looks like you had so much fun! I love all your photos, I would love to go there and celebrate with my family there.

  4. I also love to hang out in the park and see some of their different shows and decorations every holiday. Having some outdoor strolling together with our family is one thing that cannot be replaced with anything else.

  5. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience. I’ve always enjoyed Christmas. One of my favorite things to do as a child (and still today) was to look at the lights and decorations on different houses. I think Christmas Town would be a lot of fun, and it looks like it has something for everyone. 🙂

  6. It sure sounds like a cool park that has a little something for each member of the family! I can’t believe they used over 8 million lights! That says a lot right there.

  7. Omg. Looks like you had an amazing experience and I bet being there was so much fun. I want to bring my family there soon.

  8. My husband is the one who needs to see every attraction and stay until the park closes, lol! But I’m the one who enjoys the shows and has radar for Christmas ornaments. I love to see Christmas Town at Busch Gardens and watch Scrooge No More. Sounds like my dream vacation!

  9. Sounds like you had an amazing time at BuschGardens! I’d love to see Scrooge No More, checked out the video and it looks like a great musical! Would love to try all those fudges too!

  10. This is good to know! I have never visited Busch Gardens. We always go to Great Wolf Lodge and promise the next time will be The Gardens! I’m, decinitely not a park nazi but I am a chocoholic and that’s enough to get me in the spirit of things!

    PS I love your sons name. My daughter is Aidyn.

  11. I’m petty sure that you had fun there! Those photos were really cute and fun! I would like to bring my kids there one day.

  12. This is a great article! I’ve never visit Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia. Now that my sister moved to DC, I’m going to try to organize a family trip. I loved the little shop with fairies and dragons! I’m glad you had a great time with your family 🙂

  13. It is nice to have some stroll at the park to see their different decorations and rides on all of the occasions to be celebrated. We can have all the best things in life when you share it with your family or loved ones.

  14. I think it’s hilarious that you consider yourself a Park Nazi! lol I’m really laid back and kind of have the attitude of we’ll get to it. I know we must miss out on some very cool stuff, but I just can’t be too scheduled! lol

  15. That sounds like an amazing experience. It looks like they go all out for the holidays there. How fun.

  16. Sounds a lovely place to visit. I would love to go there someday with my kids I bet they enjoy that place

  17. I don’t blame you! Of course you want to visit every single thing- that’s what you go for!:) It looks like great fun, I would like to visit that park one day:)

  18. I am like you in that when I go to a theme park , I need to be there from the time it opens till it closes – to get the most bang for my buck. And I also love watching the shows too. I haven’t been to Busch Gardens yet though.

  19. It’s a fun place anyway but it looks even more so at Christmas – Im a rollercoaster fan too, but that Scrooge show looks fun to watch – sounds like a great day out.

  20. This sounds like such a lovely way to spend some family time together during the holidays! I love going to the Toronto Christmas Market every year

  21. I have family in Virginia and we actually planned to go to Busch Gardens in the summer but never made it. We might just have to do it next winter because Christmas Town looks so amazing!

  22. I have lived in Virginia for a year and I have never know there is a Christmas theme park in Williamsburg. I would really enjoy the hot chocolate, the show and the trinkets. Glad to see you get your theme park fix and it was not too crowded.

  23. Haha, you all really enjoyed the trip, didn’t you? It’s great to visit somewhere with the entire family. And you’re brave, I wouldn’t be able to get on rollercoaster once, let alone until someone calls mercy lol Thank you for sharing your family vacation 😀

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