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Speaking On Best Practices in Marketing to Hispanics in 2024

After taking a year off from speaking, I kicked off 2024 with a bang as I presented at the Lead Generation World conference about Best Practices in Marketing to Hispanics for Lead Generation in 2024.

Being the only person at a digital marketing conference that speaks about Hispanics and Latinos as a marketing strategy is not new to me.

This is because most marketers aren’t aware of the major opportunity that this market represents.

It’s also why I begin every presentation with a slide like the one below. And that slide is always followed by a mostly surprised audience.

Presentation Slide - Hispanic Buying Power 2024
Slide from my presentation on Hispanic Buying Power in 2024

This is because, most marketers are not privy to facts like Hispanics, who represent over 63 million people in the US also account for buying power to the tune of $3.4 Trillion.

It takes someone like me talking about it, teaching about it and sharing case studies to really get the message across.

Even though, many multicultural marketing powerhouse brands like McDonald’s and Ford have formidable budgets and resources allocated to marketing to Hispanics, the majority of brands still do not allocate any spend except as the occasional Hispanic Heritage Month afterthought.

There have been some pushes in recent years towards shining a light on this opportunity, however, there is still a majority of brands that are not there yet.

Now, I see this as a tremendous opportunity to educate and convert marketing decision makers, which is why I love to talk about it in unlikely places, like conferences that focus on general market strategies.

Being in digital marketing for over 20 years and specializing specializing in multicultural 15 of those years, I can tell you the growth is nowhere near what I expected it to be.

But again, that just means opportunity for growth.

While many brands are far behind in even thinking about a strategy, there are quite a few that are killing it.

In my presentation, I covered the opportunities, then I reviewed examples of what not to do. Then I spent the majority of it sharing techniques and strategies to help brands succeed at marketing to Hispanics.

One of my favorite strategies is utilizing influencers.

Influencers are an absolute gift to brands to seek to connect with Hispanics.

Why am I so fond of influencers?

First, let’s talk about one of the major hurdles many marketers face in this market.

It is tough to create authentic messaging that deeply connects with Hispanics and Latinos.

Things like language preference, level of acculturation, age group and country of origin are essential features that must be part of your strategy.

And if you don’t pay attention to them, they will cause you embarrassment.

You see, it is not uncommon for Latinos to make fun of brands they see trying to communicate with them but failing to authentically connect.

That is why influencers are such a great strategy.

What is better than having someone who represents your target market co-create your messaging?

So I spent quite a bit of my presentation talking about the benefits of working with Hispanic Influencers.

Check out the slides from my presentation where I highlight some great influencer marketing hacks.

I also discussed other strategies and mainly covered 5 pillars I have found to be the most important when marketing to Hispanics. Here are the 5 pillars:

  1. Identity
    • Differences between Hispanic, Latino, Latinx and how to avoid getting caught up in the nuances in your marketing.
  2. Language
    • How to ensure your marketing messages are connecting based on user preference including Spanish dominant, English dominant and Bilingual speakers.
  3. Regional Differences
    • What are the regional differences between Hispanics in the US, and why is it important in your messaging?
  4. Channels
    • What are the best digital channels to reach Hispanics in the US and why?
  5. Segmentation
    • What are the opportunities for segmentation within this extremely diverse market?

Don’t forget to follow me on the socials to hear about where I will be speaking next!

Lastly, as a marketer, I know how important it is to get buy-in from stakeholders when making your case for a new strategy. If you need assistance with that, reach out here and I will gladly hop on a call with you to learn more about your brand and create the perfect strategy to get that buy-in.

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After taking a year off from speaking, I kicked off 2024 with a bang as I presented at the Lead Generation World conference about Best Practices in Marketing to Hispanics…

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